Spring Recap & Summer Happenings 2021

Greetings All!

Writing: Spring came and went with a soul warming blink of the eye. After the intensity of writing a poem a day in February for the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, I focused on finishing my first semester at Florida State University. Spring semester was the first time I’d been in a classroom as a student in well over a decade, and the first time in a solely online program. I walked through feelings of uncomfort, doubt, and loneliness; but my Leo spirit persevered and I finished with an A and a B in classes, and the wonderful knowing in my heart that I’d chosen the right program. I had to pull back for this career shift, from English lecturer to student again, but I know one must pull back at times, in order to be propelled forward. Of course with the help of my tribe and my amazing career coach Sandra Hill.

Nurturing: I had the honor of helping Rustic Roots Sanctuary launch their Spring Fundraising Event April 25th. I am always truly amazed at the work Janett Lewis and crew are doing at Rustic Roots, and it just fills me with joy and a sense of purpose to be a part of an organization dedicated to food justice and holistic health. Due to development delays, we sadly had to push back our summer camp, but RR did secure the license to launch a weekly farmer’s market and we have plans for a fall healing arts festival. Check out the above link to see what Rustic Roots is up to donate today!

Guiding: For my intuitive guidance focus I have been holding weekly tarot readings on the private Facebook group Truly Awakened. I feel very comfortable developing my intuitive skills in this group and it provides me soalice to know I am not alone in this spiritual journey. I also began playing with oracle cards, which provides a different kind of insight, and I have delved deeper into my studies and understanding of sound healing.

This Spring also welcomed in love as I had the honor to celebrate my daughter’s engagement to her best friend and partner Jordan Ostrom!!

Eris & Jordan’s Engagement Spring 2021

July marks the first full month of SUMMER!!! A time for basking in the sunlight of the spirit, traveling our beautiful globe, and reconnecting with a host of friends after the craziness of COVID lockdowns.

This summer I have already been given grace on the beaches of St. Joe Florida and cleansed the spirit on mountain trails in Blue Ridge Georgia.

In both spaces

profound spiritual shifts

lovely synchronicities washed ashore

vibrated down to my spirit’s core.

I hold space for all today.

Those who journey brave this summer

may the sun soothe thy spirit and reinvigorate!

Delphi University, North Georgia

This July I’m excited to visit South Carolina to see a wonderful creative soul and attend the Greenwood SC Festival of Discovery, and at the beginning of August I’m flying to Colorado for some soothing Rocky Mountain fresh air.

I am also taking an Introduction to Social Work with Groups and Communities and a research class this summer. I have realized I am a lifetime learner and thrive in academic environments. My research class has me envisioning sustainable city environments. Transforming buildings with vegetable and herbal gardens and communities becoming self sufficient once again. Mind, Body, Spirits balanced on an individual and communal level. I am learning how to put my visions into practical action and I am at once challenged and humbled by the task. I am thankful to have found a discipline where practical application for the betterment of society is a part of the code of ethics.

I’ll end this summer check in with one of my Tupelo Press 30/30 poems. So much love and light to all~

Selma Burke, 1900-1995. Untitled (Woman and Child), ca. 1950, painted red oak, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Our Lady of the Red Oak

Our Lady of the Red Oak

carved with light energy.

Beauty. Cradles her babe.

So close. Made with her. Of her.

Her eyes closed to a world

Who would not honor her bond.

Our Lady of the Red Oak

has gone within. Her arms

wind around in protective

embrace. The roots connect

and raise up those in the system.

Intertwining beings connected

by birth right. Absorbing and

transferring love. Minerals.

Giving life forming nutrients.

Support for the still small voice.

Our Lady of the Red Oak

A medium brown with reddish

cast. Your grain is straight

with coarseness. An uneven

texture. Love so large it is said

a person could blow with all

their might and their breathe

will come out the other side.

The rush of energy through

body. Transmutation.

Our  Lady of the Red Oak

skirts whittled with care

and forethought. Stoic. Combines

with the natural elements

of your being. Woman.

The nurturer. Your coverings

hang in delight close to your

form. Flowing with the vital

function of this moment.

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