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Hello and welcome to my writer’s life blog. I sit and write this on the eve of January 1st 2021. Wow what a year 2020 has been. For me, for the world. As above, so below. I intend to use this space to share my writing with you, both my personal and professional endeavors. IContinue reading “Writing”


This year found me creating tantalizing whole food treats and living on different sustainable farms. Learning the beauty of picking veggies and fruits for recipes and then cooking the spoils. Co creating with other food justice warriors and re committing myself to studying herbology. It has been a year of vegan and vegetarian wonder, ofContinue reading “Nurturing”


After five years of contemplation I applied and was accepted to graduate school at Florida State University. It is a foundational MSW degree though I plan to focus on researching creative and spiritual therapies for both individuals and communities. I am also planning on completing the additional leadership certificate in oder to learn how toContinue reading “Guiding”

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