Guiding Biography

Elizabeth Maria is a Masters of Social Work candidate at Florida State University and is focusing on creative and spiritual therapies, integrative health advocacy, and community leadership. During her 20 + years of conscious emotional and spiritual healing, Elizabeth Maria has participated in treatment modalities such as talk and group therapy, creative therapies, 12 step, harm reduction, somatic healing, and TIR trauma therapy.  She has also sought emotional and spiritual healing through whole food health, meditation, yoga, and herbology. Elizabeth Maria couples her own healing journey experiences with her experience as a mentor and teacher to offer her clients tools to awaken their innate abilities to heal themselves.  She currently uses tarot cards as a divination tool to connect to her client’s inner wisdom. Through the use of tarot, Elizabeth Maria helps individuals learn to trust their inner guidance system in order to discover and implement healthy choices for personal empowerment.

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My Spiritual Healing Journey

My spirituality is built on the idea I had when I was three—that we are all one. I was raised Unitarian, baptized Episcopalian, and began learning about different religions and spiritual paths at a young age. In the fifth grade, a coven visited the Unitarian Church my family attended and the coven’s focus on nature spirituality captivated me. I began studying earth-based religions and learned how to use tarot, a divination tool while I was in middle school.

When I was twelve I experienced sexual trauma which subconsciously catalyzed me to choose a life of numbing the pain that was still trapped in my body. The childhood trauma became buried, through a myriad of psychological and physiological survival strategies, and did not resurface as a full memory until I was in my mid-thirties. This led me to begin studying trauma and dissociative amnesia. Since then, I have worked with several phenomenal therapists and began studying somatic healing approaches. After years of self abuse and sabotaging behaviors I found a therapist who specializes in woman’s trauma. She guided me to take my power back and shed self limiting beliefs that long held me in phycological bondage. My experiences have led me to want to help others who are likewise on a spiritual healing journey. I believe that through self empowering guidance and positive healthy community we can take our power back and heal ourselves-mind, body, and spirit.

My favorite Buddha, Jinan China

In my thirties I began broadening my spiritual healing knowledge and practices to include a focus on world traditions, and I delved into Eastern spiritual traditions while studying and teaching World Literature at the University of North Georgia and living in China in 2013. While in China, I studied yoga and meditation through the Liaocheng School Soul Dhyana and had the privilege to work with a Vietnamese yogic nun who greatly impacted my meditation practice.

Every man and woman is the architect of their own healing.” ~Buddha

Now, through developing my claircognizant abilities and years of personal and professional experience I am pleased to provide services to those seeking greater wholeness and wellbeing as they re awaken their own intuitive healing capabilities. I offer guidance using tarot as a divination tool in order to help individuals harness and sustain an abundant life of balanced mind, body, and spirit. I am available for face to face and online consultations.

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