After five years of contemplation I applied and was accepted to graduate school at Florida State University. It is a foundational MSW degree though I plan to focus on researching creative and spiritual therapies for both individuals and communities. I am also planning on completing the additional leadership certificate in oder to learn how to be of maximum service to my community.

In 2020 I launched my intuitive counseling services using tarot as a divination tool. I use tarot to connect to my clients inner wisdom and help guide them to discover whats holding them back, and to learn how to let go of that which does not serve in order to live a life of happiness and prosperity.

It has been a long road getting to where I’m at today. I am grateful to God/Source Energy/ Universe for guiding me and being a part of this glorious unfolding.

Join me as I continue my spiritual journey. Here I will post my latest research, offer guidance, and personal spiritual tips in order for all to learn about and cultivate their own intuitive wisdom.

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